Hotel Marianna SA, Address: Vorazani 3, 66100 Drama
Τel. 25210-31520, Fax. 25210-31762, Mobile. 6984 28 38 28
Web site: www.marianna-hotel.gr
e-mail:  info@marianna-hotel.gr
(Α.Μ.Ξ.Ε.Ε.): .05860
(ΑΡΙΘ. ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) : 01.01.Κ.01.2Α.00262.0.0

Starting from the "MARIANNA" hotel, you can visit:
Within the city,
In a distance of 100m from the hotel, the Municipal Park is dominated with its plane trees, nice flowers, lakes, brooks, paths for walking, playground. 400m away spreads the one and only wetland of Santa Barbara in the area of Dramas with the church of Santa Barbara. Lakes, channels, streams with crystal clear spring-water, islands with dense vegetation, plane trees, ducks, geese, swans, which all together consists this special area.
Outside the city,
• The city and the beaches of Kavala is 35 km away.
• The city of Xanthi (its wellknown carnival) is 83 km away.
• The city of Serres and Kerkini Lake is 70 km away.
• The Amphipolis is 45 km away.
• The ancient Theatre of Filippinon is 18 km away.
• The ancient city of Filippinon is18 km away.
• The First Christian baptistery in Lydia is17 km away.
• Springs of Kefalari with crystal clear spring-water is 11 km away.
• The unique underground river cave Aggitis (Maara) is 23 km away.
• Southwest of Dramas is the Symbolis Dam (Panitsa) is 15 km away.
• The stone theater at Gorge Petroussa is 11 km away.
• The well-known and well-organized ski center of Falakrou at 2000m height, in a distance of 46km. from Drama by car.
• The area of K. Neurokopou is 40km away from Drama and west is the ski center of Falakrou with the well-known from the World War II, Stronghold of “LISE”.
• The Municipal of Paranestiou is 40km away.
• The area of Dasous Elatias and Περιοχή ΔΑΣΟΥΣ ΕΛΑΤΙΑΣ και Virgin Forest Fraktou is in a distance of 60km from Drama.
Tours can also be at:
• The famous of its beauty Cave of Allisistratis
• The historical and miraculous monastery of Στο ιστορικό και θαυματουργό μοναστήρι της St. Mary – Eikosifonissas is 30km away.

For the adventurous nature:
• Ski & sport snow at Falakro
• Rafting & Cagiak in the river of Aggiti
• Horse Riding in organized units
• Hiking and climbing in the paths of the river in Paranesti
Relegion tours:
• Monastery of Eikosifoinissas
• Monastery of Taxiarchon
• Monastery of St. Mina
• Monastery of St. Paraskeui
Educational tours:
• The farm Wild Bird and Market Kirgiou
• The Aquarium of Mylopotamou
• War Museum of Nevrokopi
• National History Museum of Paranesti
• In High Quality Wineries of our Nomarchy

1) 6-8 January
«ARAPIDES», «MPAMPOUGERA» (Events which have their roots in antiquity). In the villages of Dramas.
2) 6 APRIL
Anniversary – Reconstruction of the Fortress Lise battle in World War II, the village of Fort
3) 21 MAY
The «Anastenaria» - fire walking in Mauroleuki.
α) «ELEYTHERIA» of Drama
β) Celebration of World Music, Drama
5) in the beginning of AUGUST
α) Dramaica Youth Festival of Music, Drama
β) International Festival of Traditional Dances at Xiropotamo of Dramas
International Festival of Short Film Festival of Dramas
Oneiropoli of Drama – Santa Claus village
Marathon Race in the honor of Philippe – Dramma
2) MAY
a) Horse Racing at Doxato
b) Cycling Race «On ways of Dionysus», Menikio Oros

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